Bloomingville Tipi Zelt Millo

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Tipi Zelt Millo, Nature (82051082)
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Bloomingville Tipi Zelt Millo
Bloomingville Tipi Zelt Millo
  • Produktlänge (in cm): 110
  • Produktbreite (in cm): 110
  • Produkthöhe (in cm): 127
  • Obermaterial: 100% cotton
  • Pflegehinweise: Mit mittlerer Temperatur bügeln, Maschinenwäsche 40° C, Trocknergeeignet

Bloomingville Tipi Zelt Millo

The Milo Children´s Tipi by Bloomingville MINI is a very nice tipi that will create joy to the little ones who love cosiness and cave atmosphere. This tipi has the finest pattern of harvest motifs and is made in cotton. The insulated base in the same neutral color as the tipi is included, which makes it extra comfortable to sit in the tipi. The tipi is easy to assemble, and the wooden brackets are held in place by a string. It is easy to pack and takes up the absolute minimum when not in use.

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