Bloomingville Regal Dave

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Regal Dave, Brown (82051497)
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Bloomingville Regal Dave
Bloomingville Regal Dave
  • Produktlänge (in cm): 24
  • Produktbreite (in cm): 14
  • Produkthöhe (in cm): 12
  • Pflegehinweise: Mit feuchtem Tuch abwischbar

Bloomingville Regal Dave

The Dave Shelf by Bloomingville MINI is a lovely shelf that can be placed on the table or hang on the wall wih your favorite books. The shelf is made of MDF with a beautiful rainbow pattern and colours. The shelf makes your room more cosy and fits perfectly in the children's room.

Produktmasse: L 24 x H 12 x W 14 cm

Material: MDF, Metall

Lastbarkeit max. 2 kg

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